Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Pet lovers always wish to carry their pets along while travelling. There are numerous airlines which do not allow pets on-board but Spirit airlines provide special assistance to the pets.

If a passenger is travelling with Spirit airlines, they can carry their pets along with them. To make them travel along, the passenger has to make booking for the pets also. Either the booking can be made in advance with the passenger booking or on the spot booking at the airport on the departure day. The pets that are allowed on the board should be small domesticated pets according to Spirit airlines pet policy. The pets that can be carried along are dogs, cats, household birds and domestic rabbits. If the passenger needs to carry the pet without prior info, then they need to check-in early at the airport to complete the formalities. The reservation centre of the airline can also be contacted for making the booking for pets.

Spirit Airlines pet policy is as follows:

  • The airline does not ask for any health certificate of the pets travelling with the passenger.
  • The birds are not allowed in some of the flights from the cities of Puerto Rico or USVI.
  • The airline does not allow exotic pets like rodents, snakes, etc.
  • A passenger is allowed to carry one pet container and a maximum of 2 pet are allowed per container.
  • The container should be such that the animal is able to stand upright and could move in the container.
  • The pet that is being carried in the flight should be at least 8 weeks old.
  • In case, the pet creates any disturbance or becomes offensive before leaving the departure gate, it will be removed from the flight.
  • The Spirit airlines pet policy recommends prior notice of the pet but it is not necessary.
  • The passenger can choose to sit anywhere except first row and emergency exit rows.
  • The passengers are not carried in the checked baggage due to high and extreme temperatures.
  • During the pet travel in the cabin, the size and weight of the carrier should not exceed the certain limits defined in the pet policy.

If a passenger wants to know what are the fees associated with pet transport, then they can either visit the website of Spirit airlines or contact the support centre. Generally, an amount of $110 is paid for the one-side trip of the carrier which can have a maximum of 2 pets. The contact details of support are available on the airlines’ website.


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