American Airlines Change Flight

If it comes to easy booking and making changes into booking, American Airlines is pioneer among the airlines. American Airlines provides excellent services to its customers and provides flexibility to its customers to change the flight.

If a passenger needs to reschedule the booking or make any other flight change in American Airlines booking, passenger can do it under manage booking section. To do American Airlines change flight, you can go through following procedure and make changes into your booking:

How to change American Airlines Flight

  • Visit the American Airlines website.
  • On website of American Airlines, click on the tab My Reservations.
  • Login with the credentials of american airlines.
  • Alternative to locate the flight that you wish to change is by its record locator. Record locator which is six characters long appears on the itinerary confirmation paperwork.
  • Check the box that you can find to the left of reservation that you wish to change.
  • Click on Change Flight option. If the option Change Flight misses or is greyed out, this signifies that flight is not eligible for change. Contact the customer care of American Airlines by phone.
  • Search for the new flight when it prompts up. Select the flight which you want to make change into.
  • Click on Continue for American Airlines change flight,
  • Confirm changes that you wish to make.
  • If there is any applicable change fees and/or there is difference in fares, then, print the new boarding pass if flight takes off in next 24 hrs.

If passenger needs assistance, then, passenger can contact customer care regarding same. Since, customer care service is available throughout day and night, then, a passenger needs not to worry, even if accessing portal late night and wish to contact customer services late night. Contact the customer service whenever required and get assistance for American Airlines change flight.

American Airlines Change Flight Fee

Fees that a passenger needs to pay while booking the flight:

Fees to change flight may differ due to various factors like time lapse when you booked the flight, time remaining for flight departure, class you booked into etc. Information about flight change fee is given during final payment.

You need not to worry about American Airlines change flight fee as same is shown whether you change the flight online, through airport kiosk or by simply contacting the customer care service. Have a look on the fees incurred that is applicable:

  • For same day flight change: Main cabin charges are &75-&150 unless there are some exceptions. For business and first class, it is &0.
  • American airlines change flight fee for domestic $200
  • American airlines change flight fee for international

What to do if you need to change flight same day 

American Airlines Same day Change Flight

Besides, flight changing, a passenger can do multiple changes into booking adding some itinerary like adding baggage, adding more travelers, adding meals, special assistance like mobility aid or other services. Needed to add itinerary from offers and deals. Even a passenger can do American Airlines change flight same day.

To change flight same day, if you are at airport, then, contact the crew of American Airlines at the airport, call American Airlines customer care or use self service kiosk to change the flight.


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