Avianca flight change

Change your flight ticket instantly and affordably with Avianca airlines flight change policy

Have you recently purchased a flight ticket in Avianca airlines? But due to any specific reason, you can’t travel on that particular date? If yes, then you can change the flight that you have recently booked in Avianca airlines in a very easy and simple manner. Avianca airlines also proffer multiple traveling services to the passengers and flight change is one among those where users can very easily change their upcoming booking. There are lots of rules and restrictions behind the Avianca flight change policy which is very important to know before changing your flight.

What is the Avianca flight change fee?

How much does it cost to change an Avianca flight?

  • The fee of flight change in Avianca airlines Economy class is AR $ 500 + fare differences.
  • For the flex class, flight change fee is AR $ 150 + fare differences.
  • Change fee for the Promo class is AR $ 700+ fare differences.

Avianca flight change policy

How to change my Avianca flight

Flight change policy in Avianca airlines is very simple and easy where you can simply change your flight ticket 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight and make sure that your booking was made in 7 days before. Further, you can contact the customer service team of Avianca airlines.


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Customer Reviews
          • Smith Thriving
          • 07/02/2019
      • I just want to change my flight in Avianca Airlines and the Avianca customer support can help me allot while booking with them. I am very happy with the service of Avianca airlines.

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