Cathay Pacific Change Flight

Cathay Pacific airline provides a number of services that can be availed by simply going to its a website where you can select My Booking option for Cathay Pacific change flight .

If you need to make Cathay Pacific Airways flight changes and you don't know the flight change of Cathay Pacific Airways, in that case, you should read the below content.

Know everything about Cathay Pacific change flight

  • If you have booked your flights on Cathay Pacific Airways website only then you can change your flight online. Otherwise, you have to contact your travel agent to make changes in your flight reservations.
  • In case, you want to re-book your flight in order to change your flight reservation, then, as per Cathay Pacific change flight, you are not allowed to re-book your flight.
  • If you have paid your flight tickets in Renminbi for the flight booking and your flight is commencing from Hong Kong, then, changes can't be made.
  • Also, re-booking may incur some additional Cathay Pacific change flgiht fee depending upon the flight fare rule of your flight reservations.

Besides, if you need to rebook a flight on Cathay Pacific Airways you can do that by simply following the steps are given in this article.

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Fee:

  • Date/Time: $50 USD (Standard Economy); $150 USD (Promotional, Economy Save, Premium Economy Standardand Business Save)
  • Rerouting: $150 USD

How would you rebook your flight on Cathay Pacific Airways?

  • First and foremost, you should go to the homepage of Cathay Pacific Airways.
  • And there you need to select Trip Type on the Booking API.
  • After that, you are required to fill in the flight details like airport names for the flight departure and arrival, date of departure and arrival.
  • Also, you need to select the number of passengers and click the search button to check the available flights.
  • Moreover, all the flights, available for your destination will appear on your screen, you need to pick the suitable one.
  • Besides, you should fill in the required details of the passengers who are going to travel through Cathay Pacific Airways.
  • At last, select a payment mode and complete the payment for the flight reservations.

In this way, you would have complete knowledge about Cathay Pacific flight change and also you would be able to re-book a flight on Cathay Pacific Airways. Also, if you need to know more about the Cathay Pacific Airways services, you can contact Cathay Pacific change flight team.


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