Guide To Change Flight Without Paying A Fee

Changing flight could be a costly and difficult affair at times. The change flight fee can be hard-hitting on your wallet. It can vary on different factors such as fare type, airline, time of flight change, etc. However, there are a couple of things that can help you to change your flight without paying anything. Hence, read further to know more about it.

Top Ways To Change Your Itinerary Without Paying The Fee

Follow The 24 Hours Rule

If you have been desperately wondering how can i change my flight without paying a fee, then the 24-hour flight change rule is the option for you. The U.S. Department of Transportation regulation states that if you have booked your flight ticket 7 days before the scheduled departure, then you can easily change your flight within 24 hours before the departure for free.

Change Flight 60 Days In Advance

If you have missed the 24 hours’ window, and you still have a couple of months or more before your flight departure, then you can change your flight at least 60 days in advance before your departure that too without paying anything.

Get Flexible Fares

Although flexible fares can’t help you with the change my flight without paying a fee situation literally you’ll only have to pay a lot less than the hefty standard flight change fee. In case, if you haven’t purchased the trip flex fare, then it is suggested to upgrade to it.

Opt For The Same Day Flight Change

In case, if you prefer to travel via the same route and on the same date, but do not wish to travel on the same departure time, then you can opt for the same-day flight change. It’ll only cost you minimal flight change charges.

Moreover, if you are an elite member of your respective airline, then you can use its status to avoid the flight change fee on the airline. Still, wondering how to change my flight without paying a fee? Well, then you can also look for the scheduled changes on your airline.


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