Kuwait Airways Change Flight

Know everything about Kuwait Airways cancellation policy and flight change

Changes are inevitable and can arrive at any moment, it is something on which no one has control and everyone has to face the changes in plans. And due to last minute changes in planning always cost a lot for anyone. But if you have changes in your flight journey through Kuwait Airways, then, you would not be facing any kind of loss. As the airline provides you a number of amenities to make Kuwait Airways change flight online.

In this way, the airline helps each and every passenger to change flights without any hassle also saves time. Kuwait Airways is one of the major airlines of the middle east and has a fleet size of 27. The airline is the national airline of Kuwait which serves 35 destinations throughout across the world through its flight operations. In addition, it provides flights for domestic and international destination. Moreover, you can follow the steps to change your flight on Kuwait Airways.

How to Change Kuwait Airways Flight Date?

  • In the first place, you need to visit the Kuwait Airways website.
  • And on the home page, you need to select the Manage Booking tab.
  • Thereafter, you are required to fill in the last name, booking reference or E-ticket number.
  • and then click on the "submit option" to proceed your confirmation
  • After that, you reach the manage booking page where you should choose Kuwait Airways Change Flight option.
  • Thereafter, you have to follow online instruction and change your Kuwait Airways flight booking.

In this way, you can change your flight on Kuwait Airways without any problem. Moreover, before making any change you should read the Kuwait Airways cancellation policy.

Kuwait Airways Cancellation Policy

  • If you are willing to make a flight cancellation on Kuwait Airways and you initiate the flight cancellation within 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase. Then you may receive a full refund against the flight cancellation.
  • Moreover, if you cancel the flight 7 days prior to the flight departure within 24 hours, in that case, your flight will not be eligible to get a full refund and you might require to pay the cancellation fees.
  • Also, on canceling a flight ticket after 24 hours of flight ticket purchase, according to the Kuwait Airways cancellation policy, you will require to pay the cancellation fee for requesting the cancellation.

Aside from this, if you have a refundable flight ticket only then you can get a refund on canceling the flight booking. But if you have purchased a non-refundable flight ticket, in that case, you can’t get a refund.


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