Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy

Norwegian Air is a low-cost airlines in Norway which is headquartered in Fornebu, Norway. The fleet size of Norwegian Air is 56. There are 153 destinations in all over the world to which Norwegian air flights are operated.

A passenger can travel with Norwegian air by booking a ticket with them. The booking is done according to the booking procedure of the airlines. If the passenger wants, they can the support department also for any help. In case, the passenger wants to cancel the ticket, it is done according to the Norwegian Cancellation Policy. The steps by which the passenger cancels the ticket are as follows:

The passenger can begin with launching of the official homepage of the airlines website. Then, the Manage booking section is visited by navigation. After that, the passenger is required to enter the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger so that the itinerary can be retrieved. Once the ticket is accessible, modifications or cancellations can be done.

Norwegian Cancellation Policy within 24 hours

A passenger has the option of cancelling a ticket within 4 hours of booking. The cancellation done during this time period will be fully refundable and no fees is applicable to that. If the passenger cancels the ticket after 4 hours, then charges are applicable. The cancellation fee varies according to the booking fare of the ticket. The refund amount can be claimed for the government taxes and other taxes too. The request for the refund is only applicable in the case of unused ticket or the passenger does not board the flight.

There is another condition also in which the flights to/from United States can have the cancellations only within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket and it should be booked at least 7 days prior the scheduled departure of the flight. This is also known as Norwegian air cancellation policy 24 hours.

Any further help regarding the issues and queries or the Norwegian Cancellation fees can be discussed with the customer service. Norwegian Air Cancellation team provides all the required assistance to the passengers travelling with them. The information for contacting them or reaching them can be found on the official webpage owned by Norwegian Air.

Norwegian Air Refund Policy

It's okay if you have canceled your flight reservations on Norwegian Air and now you want to apply for the refund. The reservations booked under Norwegian Airlines can be easily refunded if you abide by the refund policies of Norwegian Airlines.

Tips to apply for the flight refund from Norwegian Airlines

  • Are you looking for a flight refund after canceling the reservations? If yes then you can take the help of the Norwegian Air refund policy.
  • If you cancel the flight reservations in the Norwegian Airlines and the booking was made 24 hours before then the airline will process your entire flight refund. For the flight refund, make sure the booking was scheduled after one week.
  • In case the flight reservation is not refundable then you won’t be allowed for any type of flight Cancelation or the flight refund.
  • The refund will be calculated only if you cancel the reservations and once the cancellation fee is deducted, the refund will be sent to the passenger.
  • You can either receive the refund in form of a flight refund voucher or simply the same way you paid for the booking.
  • Flight reservations refund will be negotiable only if you are canceling within the allowed time.
  • In case the flight is canceled by the airline it then you might be allowed to receive a refund from the end of the airline or being allotted a seat on another available flight.

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