The best way to maximize the memories on the sunny Island is to research and explore options ahead of your arrival so you can spend every moment in Aruba and enjoy the view, attractions, entertainment, and offers. With that points in your mind, here we have written this article to understand the Best things to do in Aruba,  including the best time, the cost to travel, and the best weather. However, you are looking for assistance with picking the accommodations, finding the things to do, or deciding what to pack. In that case, this Aruba quick guide is prepared to walk through each step of the planning process so that you can spend lesser time worrying about things and have more time to enjoy this Happy Island!  

Best Things to do in Aruba 

Aruba may be pretty small, but it is chock-full of exciting things to do that offer more activities than any other Caribbean island. Let's see What is Aruba Most Famous For? And what can you do to enjoy your time there? 

Beaches: Graced with pure sand and clear water Aruba's beaches are amazing. You can naturally experience it everywhere and feel free to relax and enjoy your calm trade winds with a drink in hand or Plunge headfirst into a wealth of various watersports. The choices are endless. 

Natural Wonders: as we know, Aruba is small, but it has a variety of natural wonders you will never see anywhere else! The top-rated are include sandy beaches of spectacular coastline, limestone cliffs in the North, the impressive fountain Caves, and the Natural Pool, "Conchi," one of the most amazing natural wonders in Aruba. 

Nightlife: as the warm sunsets, the excellent breezing carriers, dance, the sound of laughter, and the Caribbean rhythms, Aruba is home to the best nightlife, featuring the existing casinos, clubs, etc. 

Events: Aruba, other than a sleepy little island, it has considered the event capital of the Carribean, which features a wealth of holidays, festivals, celebrations and events, and athletic performances.

Sightseeing and the Tour: Reaching Aruba, and exploring it, by sea or even by submarine offers a fantastic chance to experience Aruba in all its natural glory. Whether you are looking for a ride through the Horse Riding, or to explore the cultural and artistic history through a walking tour of Downtown, there a very many things thing and here you will never be bored. 

The best time to visit Aruba 

Aruba is a place that is beautiful year-round, with good weather, but the best time to go to Aruba is January through March. This is also known as the high season. When you experience the best weather and all types of other excellent travel opportunities, you will also see more days in other Caribbean country's islands and the beautiful calm winds. So you can book your Flight to Aruba whenever your budget allows you. 

What are the best ways to get to Aruba?

Once you know when you will visit this sunny Island, the next question is how you can get there. However, most visitors can arrive via airline, but there are other options, and we ensure that you will also understand the other way. 

Flight to Aruba: Aruba has over 100 direct flights every week from various countries of America, and it offers the top one-stop connections from virtually any other major city in the US and Canada. You need four hours from New York City and a half from Miami, and this option is unique, and that, too, is by far the most popular option for travelers. 

Cruises to Aruba: Aruba's Cruise Terminal is situated in the Oranjestad and is another excellent option for the happy Island. It regularly receives the best visits from the world's most memorable and respected cruise lines. Arriving in Aruba on the cruise might take you the longest time, but it is worth it, so for those travelers with additional time, it might be an option worth traveling. 

Aruba's Weather 

Aruba has perfect weather around the year, averaging 82 degrees and experiencing little rainfall. No matter what time you visit, the climate is ideal for you. Aruba has a more sunny day than the other Island. 

What should you need to Bring Aruba? 

One of the best ways to go to Aruba is that it is straightforward to pack your bags because the weather and the climate are so beautiful there! You can need a heavy jacket or rain gear that is also primarily unnecessary. But we also recommend you bring some bathing suits or swim Trunks, flip-flops, sandals, and water boots if you visit any probable beaches.  

You will need some sun protection, and it should be included the cover-up, some SPF, as well as the wide-brimmed Hat, moisturizer, and sunglasses. If you take any off-road activities, like hiking, horse riding, or doing anything else that requires strenuous activities, then the essentials, as mentioned earlier, will be needed. We suggest you carry a light jacket, sweater, or shawl to keep yourself warm in the lower temperature in air-conditioned restaurants, hotels, and casinos. You will also need it at night when it could biome cool and breezy. 

Where to stay in Aruba 

Now, it comes to making a big decision about where you will stay if you visit Aruba, and this is where things can get truly interesting due to Aruba being relatively small. You can stay anywhere without having any issues. You can enjoy every corner, and the Island offers everything with ease. Your choice of accommodation can also assist you in establishing the style of the vacation you need to take by setting the mood for the trip to Aruba.  

If you need to visit a luxury hotel, high rise, or a small luxury resort hotel at all-inclusive destinations where you never need to leave the grounds or do you need your private villa or the Air Bnb? There are all kinds of options in Aruba available, so be sure you make some time to research things around and the accommodation you will need. Below, we have broken down all accommodation categories, so keep reading. 

For the All-inclusive destinations 

  • Divi Aruba All-inclusive
  • Holiday Inn Aruba Beach and the Resort 
  • RIU Palace Aruba
  • Barcelo Aruba

For Traditional Hotel and Resort 

  • Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort
  • Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino
  • Renaissance Aruba Resort and the Casino 
  • Serence by the Sea Aruba 

Luxury Accommodations

  • Aruba Marriot Resort and the Stellaris Casino 
  • Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort, Spa and Casino
  • Bucuti and the Tara Beach Resort
  • Ritz Carlton, Carlton Aruba 

Bottom Line 

Since Aruba is a year-round destination, though you can visit there anytime, December month is considered the best month too so to Aruba, however those as mentioned above, these are the Best things to do in Aruba that you should consider for your Aruba Trip, but be sure to browse the best deals before making your reservation because there is no best to enjoy Wonderful Aruba than knowing you have booked your flight or the hotels in a budget. 


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