Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancel your booking and request for refund instantly with Turkish airlines

Have you recently booked flight ticket with Turkish Airlines? But due to some specific and personal reasons, you are thinking to cancel your booked flight? Then you can very easily cancel your flight ticket and also get a refund on your booking as per your preferred destination. If you are flying in Turkish airlines for the first time, then you must need to know about the policies for cancellation and refund that will help to understand every restriction very clearly.

You can cancel your flights if your ticket is not issued yet without paying any single penny. If your ticket has already published, then you should need to follow the Turkish airlines cancellation policy that will explain the conditions of cancellation as per the fare class. There are some conditions applicable when you cannot cancel a booked flight.

 What is the Turkish Airlines Refund Policy?

If you have canceled your flight ticket before being published, then you will be obtained the full refund under the Turkish airlines refund policy that request can be made through online. If you have booked your flight for the international routes, then refund is not permitted and you will obtain only taxes. For the domestic flights, cancellation and refund will not be applicable, only collected taxes will refund by the passengers.


What is the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee?

Deductions that made for a canceled flight ticket refunds are applicable as per the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee chart and mostly depend on your destination or routes that you have chosen during the reservation.

If you have any doubt regarding the above-described information, then you can also contact the customer service team of Turkish airlines and avail the relevant assistance on cancellation and refund policy.

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