Will United Airlines hold a reservation?

United airlines are regarded as the most feasible option when it comes to air travel. United Airlines offers great amenities which not only enhances the overall experience of the passengers but at the same time it also reflects that the airline is charging what they are offering.

It is also a good option for travellers, travelling on a budget and therefore is a popular option that is preferred among the travellers. Reservations must be done in advance in case of air travel not because the rates and fares are low and the passengers are able to grab great flights at cheaper rates but because there are chances where you will not be able to grab a seat on the United Airlines.

To eliminate such a condition the airline also offers certain avenues that one could utilise in order to make reservations with United airlines.

Well, United Airlines is known for the facilities that it offers and is a popular option among the passengers. United airlines allow individuals a scope through which they are able to hold their reservations with United airlines.

So if you are wondering whether can i hold a flight on United Airlines, then the answer to this is Yes.

Step to hold a reservation on United Airlines

  • With United Airlines you could hold your reservation for 24 hours. For the same the passengers ought to pay 25 USD. You can hold a reservation with FareLock and then complete the online transaction on united.com
  • You are also advised to create a SkyMiles account as it will help you with holding reservations at United Airlines.
  • You could visit the My trips section after creating your SkyMiles account.

If you do not wish to continue with the reservation that you put to hold with United Airlines, then you are advised to stick to calling United Airlines customer service


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