Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy

Know about the Cancellation policy of Avianca airlines

Avianca airlines are the airline based in Colombia. The headquarters of Avianca airlines is located in Bogota, Colombia. Its flights are operated to 114 destinations in 27 countries.

If a passenger wants to book a ticket in the airlines, they need to follow the booking process of Avianca airlines. The information is entered step by step for booking a ticket. In the same manner, cancellation policy is followed while cancelling a ticket. The cancellation policy of Avianca airlines and the Avianca flight cancellation fee is as follows:

Avianca Cancellation Policy

If a ticket being cancelled is from or to United States, then it will be cancelled without any penalty charges and the passenger will receive complete refund amount. The conditions for the same are, the cancellation should be done within 24 hours of the booking and it should be at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure.

In case a ticket is booked from/to Colombia, the ticket can be cancelled within a day of booking but there will be a cancellation charge according to the applicable fair.

In the situation of cancellation, the passenger can process the request for refund of the amount.

In case of any other assistance, the Avianca Cancellation Policy team can be contacted. The e Avianca cancellation policy team will help the passengers by providing the detailed knowledge of the solution. 

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          • Chris Seles
          • 07/02/2019
      • I was the Avianca flights for the US, due to some reason I have to cancel the flight but the customer service they provide is very good as well as the refund is also get back to my account and only cancellation charges are deducted. Glad to book with Avianca airlines.

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